Foster Care & Adoption

On any given day in Florida, there are more than 1,000 children waiting in Florida’s foster care system … waiting for adoption. These children are of all of all ages, races, and ethnic backgrounds. Many of them have emotional and physical needs, and all of them dream of having a family.

Foster parents leave an unending impression on a young child. We love knowing that while a child was in need, we were able to provide a loving, Christian home. Our hearts are with every child who come into foster care and we hope we can serve more children and families as time passes. If you may be interested in learning more about foster care, please do not hesitate to seek more information. It could truly change the life of a child and yours.

If you are interested in adopting, here are some questions you may have (as it relates to adopting from foster care in Florida)

You may be able to adopt if:

  • You have a stable and safe home.
  • You can offer unconditional love and a sense of belonging.
  • You can offer a lifelong commitment.

Who can be an adoptive parent?
Adoptive parents may be young or old, single or married, with or without children — and must have completed Florida’s FREE standardized course of MAPP (Model Approaches to Partnerships in Parenting) training. A family’s income isn’t as importanct as the ability to open their hearts and homes to a child.

For information on MAPP training contact Boys Town North Florida or Florida Baptist Children’s Home.

What type of children are in need of adoptive homes?
Children seeking adoption are no different than any other child that already has a family, except that they lack the love and support of caring parents. Many of these children have lost hope. The children’s ages range from birth to 17 years old and may be part of a sibling group

What sort of help is offered to families?
Children and their adoptive families receive support from adoption professionals, which may include referrals for individual therapy, support groups, 24/7 on-call support, and paid Medical expenses. After adoption, the state offers full medical insurance, free tuition to any state public university, and may offer a subsidy to help pay for monthly expenses.

What steps must I take to become an adoptive parents?

  1. Orientation – Attend a informational meeting in your area to learn more about the requirements of being a foster parent or adoptive parent
  2. Training – Take the state’s free course and get trained on welcoming your new child
  3. Home Study – A family development specialist will visit your home and meet your family. You will discuss your personal history, family, interests, and lifestyle to determine what type of child will best fit your home. You home will also have a free health inspection.
  4. Approval – One your home study is approved, adoption staff will begin searching for children that may fit your family based on your family’s strengths.
  5. Matching Children and Families – Once a child has been identified, the meeting and visitation process begins. If everything goes well, the child will eventually move into your home.
  6. Adoption Finalization – After a three month supervision period of the child living in your home, the adoption process is completed by going to court to finalize the adoption.

How long does the entire adoption process take?
It takes about 8-12 months once you start your training class, and depending on how long it takes before you are matched with a child.

Is adoptiong a child expensive?
Most children can be adopted at little to no cost to the family. All major expenses related to the adoption process are paid by the state. The family will incur costs for outings with the child, the purchase of gifts, etc.

What happens once the adoption is finalized?
Once finalized in a Florida Court of Law, the child becomes a permenant family member of the adoptive family, affording parents all rights and responsibilities that would come with a biological birth child.

Looking for more information on adoption?

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