About our family

Some changes have been happening. Most notably I recently quit an awesome job to stay home as a wife and mother: a goal both my husband Thomas and I have been working towards. I’m realizing the days are all running together now. I never have a moment’s peace. I can’t close an office door. But I’m loving it anyway. I’m a wife, mother to three absolutely fantastic adopted children, a foster parent to one adorable toddler, a homeschooler, the policy director for Go Foster!, the founder of Heart Gallery North Florida, and now finally a stay-at-home mom!

My husband, Thomas, finished his PhD at Florida State University and teaches several classes. His dissertation is focused around adoption and foster care policy. And he is the cofounder of Go Foster!, a nonprofit focused on recruitment, retention and research on fostering.

Together we are busy. Our time is consumed with our children, work, hobbies, church activities, gardening, our chickens, sewing, and a few other things. We spend our time trying our best to raise our children to love God and love others.

After struggling with infertility to become parents, we decided to become foster parents in hopes to at least have a child in the home we could love and nurture. Looking back this was the wrong reason. We see fostering much more as a ministry now. But our hopes and dreams quickly became realized. In no time, we were the parents of two foster care children. Our first foster child left, but was quickly replaced with a third. Within two years of becoming foster parents, we were adoptive parents to two of the children placed in our care.

Petra is a joy and the loud part of our home. We brought her home at just 2 days old from the hospital. I will never forget the day I received a phone call saying that there is a little girl….can you come get her today! Jasper, is boy all around and has no fear of anything. He is brave, strong, courageous, and strong willed…but also very kindhearted. Torreya joined us at 5 days old and has grown to be a very silly, fun 3 year old girl. She does everything she can to keep up with her big brother and sister.

And we also have one foster child right now. He’s been with us 18 months and we don’t expect him to leave anytime soon. We are currently completing an adoption packet for him.

We have learned that God gave us a special mission to foster and adopt, as well as to encourage others to adopt as well. And a lot of our time every day is spent encouraging and helping other foster and adoptive families.

Our desire is to maintain a focus on what God wants for our family, to avoid the things of this world, to continue to serve as foster parents, to continue to adopt, and to continue to grow and change as a family for God’s glory.


4 thoughts on “About our family

  1. So I just read through your “about us.” I didn’t realize that you were pregnant too! SO similar to our story! I got pregnant with Holden (0% chance given to us too) when Stone had been home for about 10 months. We were shocked! (in a good way!) We found out about Cash (Stone’s biological brother) when I was 6 months pregnant. It took them a while to get our homestudy up to date, but Cash arrived a month (to the day) before I gave birth to Holden. Our youngest, Analeigh, is a foster-child that the Lord is still writing His plan for. Right now, the kids are all under the age of four… four under four! Fun!

    Stone is 9/2/06
    Cash is 2/17/08
    Holden is 8/20/08
    Analeigh is 11/26/08

    I never thought I’d be the mom of this many, but I can’t tell you how bless we are. God totally knows what He’s doing!

    So glad we connected! Can’t wait to get to learn more about you!

  2. I was googling about raw food and endometriosis. You were saying in a forum that you had Stage 3 endometriosis. How bad was it? Did you have adhesions? Cysts?

    I would really love to find out because I’ve just started going on a raw food diet and would like to hope that my body can still heal itself and that I can still get pregnant.


    1. Yes, I had adhesions on my ovaries. A small chocolate cyst. I’ve had a laparascopy twice (about 3 years apart) – and both times it was pretty bad.
      I would really love to eat raw all the time. I need more will power. I felt great eating raw. I’m working on it again this month and I’m hoping to again be blessed with another pregnancy.

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