Happy Birthday Jasper!

Incredibly, Jasper turned  4 years old last week!! We are so proud of the little guy he is becoming. It seems like about 2 years ago, (not four), that the case manager dropped him off with us. He was 2.5 months old. Thomas had been praying for a son and whisked him away. In fact, I don’t think I held him for the first hour. Instead I was getting all the details from the case manager and all the clothes and toys he came with. His biological mom loved him very much and wanted him to be adopted into a family quickly. It was true love that made her want the best for him and every time I think of it my heart gladdens. By 9 months old he was adopted and part of our forever family. Today, he is an adorable, little four year old boy. He is super athletic, super smart, and super kind. And he loves super heroes.

This year he learned and developed so much. He can:

  • Ride a bike without training wheels
  • Skin the cat on the bar
  • Read 3 and some 4 letter words
  • Spell and write 3 letter words
  • Alphabetize
  • Do some awesome hops across a balance beam
  • Hit a ball pitched to him
  • Catch and throw a frisbee
  • Put away clothes by himself and get dressed by himself
  • Count to at least 20, 100 with a little help
  • Count to 10 in three different languages
  • Knows about 50 words in french
  • Has completed both addition and subtraction on Teach Me: Kingergarten App

He loves swimming, the beach, science experiments, reading, riding his bike, fighting, and anything all boy.

Here’s a quick glimpse of his year through pictures.

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One thought on “Happy Birthday Jasper!

  1. Great summary of Jasper’s year. We really love that boy, and are so happy that he came to be a part of our family. We all have been blessed with the opportunity of watching him grow and learn, and are grateful for the blessing.

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