Quick End of Summer Update

Summer is winding down here and we have had fun. July was full with visits to see family in NC, and two weeks of VBS.

August we have spent a lot of time on swimming, gymnastics, legos, and other fun activities. Oh, and don’t let me forget all the late nights watching the Olympics (because gymnastics was always shown after 9pm). Talking about getting everyone off schedule. All four kids now sleep in until 8am every morning. (I’m loving it)

And unfortunately I don’t have any recent photos of Jasper swimming like a fish because it has rained here every day for about a month. But his swimming skills have greatly advanced this summer. He is swimming around by himself about 10 feet from the wall and back again. (which is awesome considering he is three!)

This weekend we are traveling again to visit friends in Merritt Island, Florida and I should have a ton of photos to share when we get back.

Petra’s friend, Hannah, came by for some fun and to play on the bar a couple times this month. They love to play together and sometimes play a little too much during their lessons. Petra has moved up to the Level 2 competition team and will be attending her first gymnastic meet in October. There is definitely a new focus on gymnastics that she has never had before. Lessons increased to 4 hours each week, but she also spends a lot of time at home doing headstands, handstands, and flipping over this bar. I honestly wish she had lessons more often. She is never out of energy, even after the 2 hour class, and she always is wanting to do more.


ImageWhile Jasper also does his fair share of headstands and bar time (and we have him do pull ups as well), he is very much enjoying legos these days. He plays with legos almost every single day. This photo has horrible lighting, but his face it too cute I just can’t help but post it. He spent an hour putting this plane together, carefully following the directions. It was his first lego kit. And he “loved it! loved it! loved it!”




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