Our Family Playground

I can mark this down as reason #1 I’m glad that I’m always behind the camera. I took these photos of the latest additions to our family playground and I’m very happy to have been on the back side of the camera. I would have hated for everyone to have seen me struggling to do a pull up or toes to the bar.

Instead, Thomas demonstrated for me! What a kind guy!

And the kids were glad to demonstrate as well.

I would say we do a good to great job keeping the children fit, healthy and making sure they get plenty of exercise. We don’t do such a fab job on making sure we get plenty of exercise though. And hopefully this will help. And we are working on improving that.

Thomas added on a bar for the kids, a bar for us, and a place to do some wall balls – all on to the swing set platform. I love it!

I love that it takes very minimal space. That it is super easy to put together. That the cost of it stays relatively low. And it will help us to do some Crossfit WODs at home.

The children are practicing pull ups, straight leg raises, straddle straight leg raises, front pullovers and more. And we can do the same on ours. We all spent yesterday morning on it .
Our next purchase will be a pair of rings to slip over the bar.

We also need some additional equipment for Petra to practice her gymnastics– a beam and mat mainly (and a flat place to put it). That will come with time. Oh, and I need a band to do some pull-ups.

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