Speak Up!

“Speak Up! Speak up! Speak up!” Jasper was screaming at his sister. He was quite upset that she was reading a super hero book and was reading it too softly for him to follow along and hear the story. He found it so frustrating. That was two weeks ago.

Today, I just about fell out in the car when Jasper, who sits all the way in the far back corner of the car (because he’s the most well behaved of our children in the car), wanted to read a story to me. “Don’t worry” he said, “I’ll speak up.” And so he did. He was belting out the words so we could hear him all the way in the front seat. It was so sweet. So I turned on the video camera and got a clip of him reading too, from his Bob Book Dot.

Not sure you will want to watch all of this video and I have no idea how to cut it and make it shorter. But if you want to watch, here is Jasper reading. We are currently still working on 3 letter words with him – CVC (consonant vowel consonant). Overall we are moving at a slower pace than Petra at this age – mainly because some days he shows no interest in reading to me (and so we probably won’t have a lesson on those days), and also because even when he wants to do a lesson his pants often have ants. =)



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