Recreated Dress


One of my favorite sewing projects was this dress I recreated for Petra this past weekend. This was originally a lady’s dress (from Forever 21), size L, that I found at Goodwill and fell in love with – knowing it would be perfect for Petra and easy to transform.

Pleased with a $2.99 purchase I brought it home and began the very simple transformation. It was sleeveless at purchase. All I had to do was pin it to the right width on Petra and sew a seam down the side of the dress. Cut off the excess fabric. And then use the excess to make two straps.

She loved the result, as did I. But I think I loved even more that it took less than 30 minutes total time – including trying it on twice, cutting, sewing and ironing.

Overall this was a really good idea considering her taste in clothes. She prefers long dresses; the longer the better. And she also likes tighter fitting clothes; for instance she doesn’t usually want to wear baggy shirts. This dress fit both requirements. And I had a very happy four year old, super pleased with having a new dress for a wedding.

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