Swim Like a Fish

We added a new responsibility to the children’s chore chart – “Swim Like a Fish” – because swim lessons started this week for both Petra and Jasper. This is the first time they have had swim lessons and so far it is a hit. Jasper is already our little fish. He will jump into 3-4 foot water, and swim back over to the side underwater. He’s been jumping in by himself since he was a baby. Here is a video of him at 19 months old jumping in and dolphin kicking back to the top.

I looked for swim classes for him last year – but no lessons are available for children under the age of 3.

Petra and Jasper are both very much enjoying the class. They are 3 children in the class total – which I am thrilled about. However it is slow going. I am thinking that at least Jasper will be taking more classes throughout the summer since it’s a sport he appears to enjoy and excel at naturally. In the meantime, they are hitting the pool early, following directions (yay!) and swimming like little fish.


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