Loved the day – letters and science

Fantastic day today. Children were awesome. We did a great science experiment. But to top it off – Petra wrote me a little note all by herself – without any prodding or even knowledge of her doing it. She simply disappeared and came back with this little letter that said:

“Mome is luvd” and it also says I am the best mom in the world (but “the” intersects a misspelled “world” – so it may be hard to read).

I’m a little stoked. This is her first note to me ever.

The science experiment was also a ton of fun. We did “Soak it to me” in the Mudpies to Magnets book. The experiment shows that water passes through soil in different ways – sometimes slower or faster…and also that soil holds water. We have been studying the water cycle and ground water the last 2 days so this fit perfectly. Jasper couldn’t get enough of it. He insisted we do it twice. We tested two samples from the yard, clay, and sand. And then after we finished he spent another 20 minutes with it. It was so much fun that it distracted Thomas and he came out to see what we were doing and take some pictures of the three of us.

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