Learning at the Gulf Coast

We have two wonderful day trips to the Gulf Coast in the last two weeks that have been not only fun, but great learning experiences for Petra and Jasper…especially since we are all always learning. Preschoolers pick up on everything and are truly sponges learning from the world around them. We are currently studying oceans at home, and this seems like the perfect time of year as well to visit the coast – not too hot, not too cold and most importantly to me – not to crowded.

The children had fun playing in the sand and looking for seashells and sanddollars. The area we have been going to is loaded with sanddollars right now. I randomly found two doves from sandollars – which seems like such an odd find since I’m so used to NC beaches.

There were lots of interesting things happening around us, including:

Birds to watch and view –

a crab (and seaweed) to check out and examine – this one endured about 20 minutes of observation in a pail before I had them throw it back into the ocean –

We were helping the children become familiar with the rhythym of the ocean and waves. The Gulf’s waves are pretty small which make it a fantastic learning opportunity for preschoolers. Jasper started to understand how it all worked and was riding the waves in before we left for the day. When I was with him, he would venture out to around his shoulders, and waves would come and go over his head – and he just thought it was wonderful. If we were in the Atlantic Ocean I would be a lot more leary of this because of the size of the waves and visibility of the Atlantic. But the Gulf water is crystal clear, just like a pool, and so I have no opposition to his brave water swimming when I am there with him.

But we reviewed that water is a powerful force and can knock us and other things over.

I don’t know why I find these photos so funny….anyway…

there were other things to see as well, including a military helicopter that sat at sea for 1 hour for some strange reason:

other people and even fish:

after 4 hours on the shore Jasper was pooped, we headed home and the kids both took naps on the drive back.

the only thing now is that Petra thinks every Friday we are supposed to go to the beach…Friday’s are for the beach, just like Sundays are for church…according to Petra.


2 thoughts on “Learning at the Gulf Coast

  1. I agree with Petra — Friday’s should be beach day. And, of course Jasper, or little dare devil wants to be in the deep water. Does the gulf have a strong undertow like the beaches off NC coast?

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