Geography lessons

Coming soon … our geography lessons outlined online and much more!

I’ve had some fun pulling together lessons for the children for the summer (maybe longer). I wanted to cover geography with them this summer – but I had some issues finding what exactly what I wanted – in fact I still haven’t found exactly what I wanted, but we are making do since I can’t suddenly create a ton of computer programs, apps and videos. Since they are just 3.5 and 4.5 years old I need lessons geared towards young children, introducing them to basics, with lots of hands-on activities. While they are very smart preschoolers – they are still preschoolers and enjoy activities for short periods of times. My goal is to cover: Earth, maps, globe, weather, climates, oceans, continents and some countries. As we discuss different continents and countries I want to be able to relate to them the culture, weather, biomes, animals, languages, celebrations, traditions, artists, missionaries, scientists, flags, literature, poetry, music, famous locations/buildings, etc., associated with each one. To be frank my goal is only to expose them, I have no intention of expecting them to memorize tons of facts and information. If they do – then great – if they don’t, well OK. This is largely a plan for fun activities that allows exposure to some new ideas and concepts, and vocabulary.

My plan is to intermingle most of our school activities – math, reading, history, science, literature, music, cooking, and French – with our geography theme. And the challenge is on.

Most everything I have found online is largely focused for children that can write, complete some research, and do a book report; which of course is nonsensical for my two little ones.

I have found a couple very useful websites though and I am going to list these out here.

My absolute favorite is a blog post from The Sunny Patch on a kindergarten geography program that this mom created. She is a Canadian mom on the Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew (something I hope to be involved with when I have more time and the children are a little older). You can find her website HERE and her post on geography lesson plans for kindergarten HERE. She lays out 36 weeks of lessons plans on geography! And this was the inspiration and my starting point.

Along the way we will be doing many activities – some which will be specifically designed to go into a lapbook on the earth for each of the children. They don’t know it yet, but they are going to love this lapbook!

As we move through the weeks I’ll post our lessons and resources. But just as a beginning guideline to those of you who may be interested, here are some of the useful free resources I found:

Your local library – I’m pulling books weekly on topics we are discussing. I’ll include our book lists as I post the details of our lessons. It has been critical to know how to search our library database effectively to find what I need.
National Geographic printable maps HERE and videos HERE. has printable flags to color – go HERE. has free coloring pages and craft ideas – go HERE.
Enchanted Learning – has a ton of printable pages, resources for lapbooks or other uses, also has foreign language minibooks and other resources– go HERE
Discovery Planet Earth has videos online – go HERE has online worksheets and coloring pages – go HERE
Kids Know it Network has songs related to geography – go HERE has songs from countries all over the world – go HERE

A ton of geography links can be found HERE

A couple more great blog posts to check out:
Guest Hollow blog has an amazing resource of lapbook templates and ides – go HERE
All Boy Homeschool blog has a page showing the earth lapbooks they made – go HERE

And lastly to help prepare me for the weeks ahead I scoured our local goodwill bookstores for children’s atlas books, maps, books on the earth …. found a ton! =) That always makes me happy.

More to come on our first few weeks of studying the earth!


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