Animal Planet: Quilting

I finally finished my nephew Oliver’s quilt. And I mean finally…I started it when he was an infant…four and half years ago. I got a little side tracked because four and half years ago we also became foster parents. (For those of you who might not know and are reading this – during the first week of fostering we welcomed a newborn and a 13-month-old – and since that time we have always had at least two babies in the house!)  So quilting was put on hold.


This quilt has a ton of imperfections. But I think it also might be my favorite quilt of all those that I have made.

Choosing the color scheme was very difficult for me. I had picked out a bunch of animal prints – really just about any I could find at our local stores. But then there was no agreement between any of them – they all were different colors. I didn’t know where to start. And then I also couldn’t decide on how to cut the animal prints up to display them….so many choices with no direction. I looked and looked online at different animal quilts, seek and find quilts, and such. I talked to a friend and got some advice from her – including the brown and gold flying geese.

This is the back. Pretty plain. That was all the green fabric I had left.

ImageOK., I must admit now that you’ve seen both sides: I’m not quite done. I still have to add a label. But the goal is to have it in the mail heading to VA next week!

I’m going to miss seeing it on my sofa.



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