Jasper: smart, athletic, and funny

I had to share some recent pics of Jasper that I love. And this is a complete bragging post. So the the immediate family should love it; those who don’t know and love him personally will just have to suffer through one post.

He is very thrilled to be able to write some letters on his own. Today he was jumping up and down laughing after he wrote each one because he was so excited. This photo is from last week – he was slightly calmer about it that day.

And my neighbor was throwing out this toddler basketball goal and I snatched it fast. Our 1-year-old foster son LOVES basketball and will try to play for hours with the big boys. Jasper also took to it quickly. With no practice, and no previous experience he made shot after shot. Honestly, I am always amazed at how athletic he is…it’s truly amazing how naturally motor skills come to him.

And one more photo I want to share. This is from his recent hospital trip for an asthma attack – something we are fortunate has only occurred once a year with him. He’s such a goof ball.


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