Laurel Falls and Homesteading

Our last day in the Smoky Mountains was Saturday and was spent: in the morning hiking to Laurel Falls and in the afternoon visiting a local family homestead.

My sister Lynn and her son Gabriel joined us for the day of adventure.

Although the head of Laurel Falls Trail was just about 12 miles down the road, the trip was quite lengthy because almost 7 of those miles was down a dirt road in the Natahala National Forest. It ended up taking about 40 minutes to drive there.

The trail hike was a little muddy for the small feet and legs in our group, but we all managed. And once we got to the falls it was tricky to get close, especially with young children. Jasper tired out on this hike. He was ready to be carried on the way back. And the baby loved the sights. She waited until after we saw everything before she passed out. It was enjoyable, but I definitely prefered Rufus Morgan Falls. If you only have time to see one of the falls in this area, go to Rufus Morgan.

After some lunch we headed to a local home to see the animals they raise for meat.  There were turkeys, chickens, ducks, sheep, and cows. Just recently they had purchased two baby calves that they will raise until the fall for beef. We all had the opportunity to feed the calves some raw cow’s milk. It was really a treat and I was thankful it worked out that it was feeding time while we were there. Even our 1-year-old foster son loved it. He stood there for 5-10 mintues feeding that calf. We can’t say thank you enough to our friend that arranged the visit, and the family that opened their home to us that afternoon. Thank you!

We are back home now in Florida. I think my children will always connect in their minds the Smoky Mountains with farms, hikes, and waterfalls….but I know they had a good time. They told me last night how glad they were to go, and also how thankful they are to be home.

Oh, and two more quick comments about the photos you are about to see. My sister made that adorable baby hat – I love it!  And Thomas didn’t really stack those rocks, they were there when we arrived. =) He was trying to be funny.

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One thought on “Laurel Falls and Homesteading

  1. Tell Lynn I LOVE the hat too! Too cute – and she’s getting bigger (the baby)! Looks like you all had a FANTASTIC time! I love all the posed pictures of the kiddos. I especially love the waterfall and flower pictures.

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