Rufus Morgan Falls

We had a blast hiking to Rufus Morgan Falls on Friday. Starting out was a little tricky–a search for the road name had no result on our iphone map–but using a map in a book I bought on NC waterfalls more than a decade ago in a used bookstore (North Carolina Waterfalls) we made it without a wrong turn. The Rufus Morgan Trail is located off of Forest Service Road 388 (2 miles down a gravel road) in the Natahala National Forest.

The hike to the falls is a total of .5 mile, and not that difficult. There are several rocky places that have to be crossed, mostly stones across a river, but even Jasper and Petra (who are 3 and 4 years old, respectively) made it up and down the trail without a hitch. We had to hold Jasper’s hand at a couple areas, but that had to do more with the length of his legs than anything. Admittedly, our children are a little bit more “active/hyper” than most children, but in general I would expect any child over the age of four could make it safely without complaint. And Thomas carried our 1 year old up the mountain, while our 3 month old stayed with grandma at the house.

The falls are absolutely beautiful. The first cascading falls looks much like a water slide flowing about 30 foot down a rock, but the main falls cascades over 70 feet down. The trail takes you right to the edge of the falls. We all loved it. Even our 1-year-old was whooping and hollering over the sights on the hike. It was well worth the trip and time. It was so well enjoyed by all, there was not even the slightest complaint from any of our three young children. And the next day there was a request by all for more hikes and waterfalls.

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