The Story of Easter

If you are looking for a Christian book to explain Easter to your toddler, The Story of Easter by Patricia Pingry and illustrated by Lorraine Wells may be a good starting point.  The story presents a very basic presentation of Easter. The main points gathered from reading the book to my preschoolers were: 1) Easter occurs in the spring, 2) Jesus died on the cross, 3) we celebrate Easter because Jesus lives again, and 4) Jesus gave his life for us so that we can live too.

The illustrations are pretty and the text is simple enough for a toddler. However, if you are concerned about talking or introducing your child to death you may want to reconsider the book. The book clearly relates that some men did not like Jesus and that they put him on a cross to die.

I found the book too simplified for my three- and four-year-old. It introduces some very basic concepts but doesn’t explain any key points about salvation or how you live forever. Also, I would have preferred if there was another page that showed the tomb and the stone being placed in front of it. There seemed to be a gap in this place of the book.

Overall, its a suitable book to help young children learn about Easter. I would recommend for two- and three-year-old children.


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