There’s no crying in baseball

But evidently there is crying in wee ball. Jasper sported these tears just seconds before his first wee ball game this past Saturday. The cause was due to what he interpreted as a “mean” look from a teammate. Luckily, the tears only lasted a minute. And then he was enjoying the game, and the sand on the field, and the bugs, and wearing his glove on his head while he was out in the field. It was very funny and very cute.

While he is certainly the smallest on the team, there is no doubt the boy has natural athletic abilities. And it is so adorable to watch all the children hit the ball, and play in the field.

We are excited to see how he enjoys baseball.  We actually pulled his out of gymnastics as of this past week. Largely because he wanted to stop going, but also because he seems to have ants in his pants these days. He has such a hard time sitting still. It is what I would categorize as a case of the three-year-olds. But while he is failing to sit still, his sense of humor is rapidly growing and he is so funny. Got of love him, “oh yeah,  oh yeah” (as he would say).

First ball hit at first wee ball game.

At practice – I love how both his feet are off the ground!


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