Heading to broadway

The children performed their Easter program at church this weekend. Thomas quickly escorted Jasper off the stage for his antics. He was snatching Petra’s Easter hat …. and while it was all cute and funny, Petra takes her performances seriously and we didn’t want him to ruin it for her.

The children performed about six or seven songs, all with hand motions, and some even with foot motions. It was awesome to see our daughter perform. She shines in front of a crowd, and has no fear of audiences – in fact it is what she likes and thrives on. I’m not sure what to say about it. A couple at church did say afterwards she reminds them of a friend’s daughter that now performs on broadway; it will be interesting to see how she develops in this area.

This summer we will be enrolling her for week in young actors camp. I think she is going to love it.

But most importantly, I’m so thankful for the ladies that teach these songs and movements to my children each week. Music is not only enjoyable, but incredibly important in the lives of young children. I’m so thankful for the ladies in our church that take the time each week to offer this wonderful resource to our family.


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