February 2012 – Jasper Rides

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This has been a crazy hard and difficult month. There were certainly numerous trials and tribulations – we’ve had some rather mundane trials – a broken dishwasher, our heat stopped working, etc. But our faith stays strong; we’ve seen both hardships and blessings.

By far the biggest event was that the first of the month found us tending to our 2 week old foster care daughter in ICU. She had stopped breathing in my arms. We praise God that she was in my arms when it happened. Thomas was able to quickly resuscitate her, while I called the ambulance. She crashed two more times that afternoon, and scared even the EMTs. But she came through shining. In total we were in the hospital about 7 days, and managing that, along with my work schedule, and the three other children – we were busy, stressed and tired.

But many other blessings came along. We had folks help us at the hospital, and many families brought us meals over the next two weeks.

She is now a healthy, young infant, and so sweet. I’m completely mesmerized when she smiles at me.

After spending on average 70-80 hours at week for the last couple months, I do what I can on the weekends to get outdoors and spend time with the family.

Last weekend we brought Jasper’s new pedal bike to the park with us and taught him to ride it. He learned so quickly. After more than a year on the balance bike, it was just a matter of 1) having him tall enough to reach the ground and the pedals, and 2) teaching him to pedal. The first 15 minutes Thomas help him along by pushing him to get started. But right after that, he told him he could push off by himself and then start pedaling. Jasper did incredible. We were so proud of him. He spent 2 hours riding his bike. When we got home he crashed. He wouldn’t even eat – he just wanted to go to bed.

We also had quite a bit of fun watching Jasper hit the ball at the ballpark. He nailed one about 30 ft out.

And everyone is in love with the baby. All three of the bigger children think she is the best thing that ever happened. They each want to take turns holding her and loving on her.


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