Jasper Turns Three!

Jasper celebrated his 3rd birthday on October 5th. He had a great time. His birthday fell in the middle of a week and he ended up having about a week’s worth of celebration. The morning of his birthday he plenty of gifts to unwrap and was thrilled with everything.







On Saturday, we went to the “bouncy house” with a friend and then out to lunch at his favorite BBQ joint- Piggys – for his official birthday party.






Interestingly for good two months before his third birthday he decided that Petra’s headbands were really slingshots and they became daily attire. He didn’t go anywhere without a slingshot. And he would even demonstrate (pretend) to pick 5 stones from the river (like David did) and swing his slingshot around. The more slingshots, the better. Here’s a picture to show you the proper way to wear them.


Also, everything is “cool” right now — definitely not cute or pretty. He shows a great amount of concern over watching anything on television that might be considered even the slightest bit scary – which translate into anything that has a “bad” character.

 Here are some of his FAVORITES:

Song: Alphabet Song

Bible Story: Moses, the Prince of Egypt

Story Book: He loves just about any book

Toy: Cars, monster trucks, trains and anything with wheels

Outdoor Activities: baseball, football, climbing on stuff, investigating the outdoors

Foods: Chocolate Almond Milk, blueberries


He is doing great at communicating. He’s good at answering questions and responding to adults. He is enjoying participating in group activities, as well as playing on his own.


He is doing great at his “school work.” Here are some of the things he is doing well:

  • Counts to twenty. Counts objects up to 20.
  • Identifies numbers (at least 0-10, maybe more)
  • Can put together 48 piece puzzles without help.
  • Understands directional words – up, down, under, etc
  • Understands ordinals – first, second, last, etc
  • Understands more, less, bigger, smaller, same, different, etc.
  • Great deductive and logic skills.
  • Beginning to understand basic addition
  • Excellent at rhyming.
  • Is beginning to have better handwriting skills – holding pencil correctly and can trace letters
  • Identifies the first letter of words by sound and letter name.
  • Reads several three letter words and is learning more daily.
  • Understands blending of sounds to create words.
  • Can recount a story and normally uses correct grammar when speaking.
  • Has memorized about 10 memory verses.
  • Can recite the Lord’s Prayer.
  • Plays creatively, has a great imagination, strings nonsense words together.
  • Is progressing at sharing his feelings, but still falls apart under stress.
  • Straddle jumps, tuck jumps, handstands and other early gymnast skills.
  • Can hit a ball pitched to him with a bat. (learned this on his 3rd birthday – about half the time he hits the ball)
  • And a lot more that I couldn’t possibly list.