No internet

Hey guys, this is Tom. I wanted to drop a quick line while I could to update…

We just finished the re-licensing  process for foster care and at the last meeting with our liaison we received a phone call for a child. I think our liaison found it very interesting to witness the process we go through in receiving the call and deciding. In fact, I think she was a bit surprised.

So, now we have two foster kids, 8 months old (boy) and 5 days old (girl). We don’t really have any long-term expectations on either, but the short-term is busy with feedings, dr.’s appointments and court appearances. The boy is gaining weight and happy as ever. The girl was technically premature (35.5 weeks at birth) so she is small and hungry, but so far so good. But that also means we won’t leave the house very much as a family.

We are cutting expenses too since I’m not working actively this semester. We have cut nonessential items including internet (but not gymnastics!) and I’m not going to shave (haha!). Honestly, we are too busy to use it much anyway. And, I’m sorry to say, we had to cut for the near term some of our mission support and outreach funding as well. If you are looking for ways to help a hurting world, I know of two resources you could consider funding (Samaritan’s Purse and Mission to the World) as they have most recently lost a little funding.

Writing is going well and prospectus will be defended soon. And there is general excitement about the dissertation project from adviser and faculty. Plus, I submitted a paper proposal to a conference (in January) and have a good expectation of acceptance. And, I’m preparing for the job market in the spring.

But all that to say, we are busy, we aren’t connected to the internet at home (well, we have access through the iPhones but not posting using our phones), and we will seemingly fall of the radar this semester. One of us will occasionally post pics when we go to the coffee shop or McDonald’s or something.

Prayers are most needed.

We love you all.

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