Our Schoolroom

Not Back to School Blog Hop

I’m a little late posting our school room information – but still wanted to get it up. I was hoping to have it more organized and clean before I took these photos and posted online…but have decided this is as good as its going to get for now.

Our house was built in 1958, our schoolroom/playroom (like a lot of other families) is the dining room area. This space was the most ideal because of the amount of time I spend in the kitchen and the need to keep an eye on the babies. Well the babies are growing, but more are joining our family.

Petra and Jasper will turn 3 and 4 this fall, and our new baby foster boy is 8 months old. So this room needs to work for all three, at all times.

This summer we painted the room a bright green to brighten it up, and we included magnetic and chalkboard paint on one wall. The left side of the wall we use to display the children’s work. On the right side you will see the chalkboard and calendar. Across the top of the chalkboard are some of the traits we are working on as a family – Love, Obedience, Patience, Joy, Forgiveness, Compassion. and Self-Control. I also have a few phonics posters hanging up at the moment.

The hard part with the magnetic wall has been finding magnets that are strong enough to hold up artwork and posters. It has been no small feat. So far, neodymium magnets have worked best and I need to order some more.

Below the chalk board is an assortment of baby toys that are now essential to the room. The bouncer seat is my life saver because baby is old enough to hold his own bottle and will sit it in happily for at least a few minutes.

Also on the chalk board is our current memory verse hanging in a pocket chart that I picked up from Target for $1. Unfortunately figuring out how to hang it was more complicated. And ended up with fancy hook magnets that fall if the kids tug on it at all. So I need something more permanent.

The bookshelf is my favorite new addition to the room. We picked it up off Craigslist for $15 and repainted it. The rug was a more recent addition and was necessary to keep the baby toys from sliding across the floor when baby pulls up to a standing position. Jasper’s a little disappointed its no longer in his room, but it works better in the schoolroom for now.

And then on either side of the bookshelf are the Petra and Jasper’s work boxes. This is simply the easiest and most effective way to be sure they do their work while I’m away at my full-time job. The nanny helps them with it. And I know they are staying on target with what I want them to learn. And its not rocket science…yet…so this works fine at the moment.

The shelf houses some of our most important everyday materials and the children can reach everything on it. The bottom right pink bin holds baby toys. The bottom left pink bin holds library books. In between are a number of other plastic boxes for tape, glue, crayons, markers, chalk, magnetic letters, foam animals, etc.

The top shelf has books we use on a regular basis and a dictionary, puzzles, and other games. The top of the bookshelf has our “class” pet fish, our index holder for our memory verse cards, and some big coloring books and workbooks.

To the right of the bookshelf is Petra’s workboxes, a watermelon (as seen in this photo), and also the kitchen stool that the kids drag out all the time to help with cooking.

The other side of the room gets junked up fast. It has the kids table, the IKEA easel, and shelves that hold arts and crafts, paints, dry erase markers, some puzzles, flashcards, play dough, and need to put away pile, and other random kitchen items like the mixer, protein powder, vitamins, potatoes and onions, etc. I guess you could say its a catch all area.

And finally, my latest edition to the room is the new laminator. Not sure where I’m going to store it, but I’m so excited about having one finally.


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