Kindergarten Goals

I’ve been looking around at different schools in the area, mainly to see what they try to accomplish in the kindergarten year and if they list curriculum. So far, Christ Classical Academy in Tallahassee is my favorite (and has been for a while.) They have a very comprehensive list of kindergarten goals online. I’ve copied and pasted it below:

Reading/Language Arts

  • Be immersed in a literature rich environment in which students will develop phonemic awareness, oral language, and auditory processing skills
  • Develop a love for literature and gain awareness of beautifully illustrated stories
  • Listen and respond to stories, rhymes, conversations, discussions, and one and two step instructions
  • Know that print is read and written left to right and top to bottom
  • Recognize the parts of a book
  • Show their understanding of a story by retelling the order of important events in the story or by acting out the story
  • Recognize beginning, middle and end of stories
  • Recognize and categorize folktales, nursery rhymes, fairy tales
  • Distinguish between rhyming and non-rhyming words
  • Participate in shared reading and writing activities
  • Compare and contrast different versions of the same story
  • Predict outcomes of stories
  • Create books such as class books and individual take home books
  • Recognize that books are made of words and words are made of letters and letters stand for speech sounds we call phonograms
  • Identify number of syllables in words
  • Identify simple parts of speech (noun, verb, adjective)
  • Be able to identify, verbalize, and write the basic single and multi-letter phonograms (visual and auditory)
  • Begin to recognize phonograms in print
  • Learn correct handwriting strokes of capital and lowercase letters
  • Begin to spell, read, and write words using phonograms
  • Learn correct posture and pencil grip for writing
  • Begin to write simple sentences using capital first letter, proper spaces between words, and correct end mark
  • Take risks in writing
  • Begin to write thoughts on paper through journal writing
  • Write first and last name using capital first letter and completing with lowercase



  • Skip count by 5, 10, and 25 (to 100)
  • Verbally count to 100
  • Count objects (one-to-one) to 100
  • Identify patterns in nature and environment
  • Using manipulative identify patterns, add to them, and create new ones
  • Sort and arrange items by traits or by category
  • Use number words to describe how many are in a set
  • Use one-to-one correspondence to describe relative sizes of sets
  • Make and use graphs of real objects or pictures to answer questions
  • Read a daily calendar, using days, weeks, and months
  • Describe the order of events or objects, using words such as first, second, before, after, and between
  • Compare daily temperature and weather activity
  • Compare and order objects according to length, weight, or capacity
  • Identify, describe, and compare shapes and solids in real-life objects
  • Use manipulatives in order to move from the concrete to symbolic levels
  • Use a variety of manipulatives to recognize number groups
  • Use a variety of manipulatives to create number group addition/subtraction patterns
  • Recognize and use correct signs for basic equations (plus, minus, equal signs)
  • Solve problems in everyday life
  • Use correct stoke patterns to write the numerals 0-9
  • Identify, verbally name, and draw six basic shapes
  • Identify coins and their value
  • Be able to count coins to $1.00
  • Read clock by hour and half-hour
  • Understand time concepts such as yesterday, today, tomorrow
  • Estimate quantities in a set
  • Use daily chart graph to recognize place value (ones, tens, hundreds)



  • Understand the nature of God as Creator, Redeemer, and Savior
  • See the Bible as the living and life giving Word of God
  • Praise and worship God through prayer, song and Bible study
  • Be introduced to people of faith through Old and New Testament stories
  • See God’s work of Redemption through the birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ
  • Delight in God’s love and experience a heartfelt response to Him through obedience


Memory Work

  • Psalms 139:1-16
  • Psalms 100
  • Psalms 19:1-11
  • 1 John 4:7-21
  • Exodus 20:1-17
  • Selected poems/finger plays/songs throughout the year


  • Observe weather changes and record weather patterns daily
  • Name four seasons and name characteristics of each season
  • Identify unique attributes of self that has been created by God
  • Identify primary and secondary colors
  • Know how to create secondary colors from primary colors
  • Identify the five senses and use them to make observations and discoveries
  • Identify simple plant parts and their function
  • Observe and understand the conditions needed for seed germination and plant growth
  • Know different types of plants
  • Observe and record changes in plant growth
  • Classify animals by type, as well as by environment
  • Identify characteristics of pond life
  • State differences between freshwater and saltwater
  • Look for patterns, designed by God. in the natural environment
  • Share in science activities by bringing items from home and travels

Social Studies

  • Understand significance of patriotic holidays
  • Use maps, pictures, and symbols to gain information
  • Identify self by name, address, telephone, number, and birthday
  • Identify family members and traditions
  • Place events in order of time (first, next, last)
  • Identify different forms of transportation
  • Name community helpers and their contribution to society
  • Differentiate types of landforms and aquatic life and source
  • Compare and contrast living conditions in the present day life to life in the past

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