Jasper the Brave

My favorite moments with my children often slip by too quickly. It seems like too often I forget to write down the moments that strike me as extraordinary. And then within a matter of days they are lost.

Tonight was a favorite moment. I don’t want to forget it.

On the way home from church tonight, Petra spotted an itsy bitsy bug on her car seat. I’m honestly not even sure it was a bug, it might have just been a speck of dirt.

Meltdown ensued. Screaming for help. Big tears pouring down her cheeks. She’s pretty girly, and she just wasn’t having it.

To the rescue was none other than Jasper the Brave. (despite the fact he was strapped down, he wanted to run to her rescue, he had no idea how big the bug was).

He quickly orders Petra:

“Be still! Do not cry! I will kill it.”

Our boy was quickly trying to maneuver his way out of his car seat so he could help. I almost thought it might be good to let him help. But we had to stop him  – I couldn’t have him out of his car seat when we were traveling 75 miles an hour down the highway.

We were so happy with his desire to help her and also his ability to quickly give such perfect directions. They were truly perfect directions for what Petra was perceiving as a crisis.

He has had a lot of compliments lately on his communication/speaking skills…and this is just another one of his very often displays of love and service he gives to those around him. I love this boy!


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