Bible Memorization

We have started using the Charlotte Mason Bible memory verse system and is just what we needed. We have often taught Petra a memory verse, only to forget to go back to it at a later date so that she retains it.

The Bible memory verse system by Charlotte Mason is simple and effective. You cycle through all memory verses at least monthly, and do the ones you are learning, or recently learned on a more regularly basis. And all it takes are some 3×5 index cards and a box for them.

You can check it out here.

Here they are reciting some of their verses. You will notice they can’t stand still…but they still know what they’ve learned. =)


2 thoughts on “Bible Memorization

  1. Lynn I have really been considering Awanas. I think it is a fantastic idea! My two concerns are: 1) Petra still needs a ton of supervision with other children around – she still bites, kicks, hits, and I really want her to mature more before I send her off. and 2) I’m worried about her being too busy. Between church, Sunday school, bible studies, gymnastics, and just running errands. But it remains on my list of possibilities all the time. In fact, we have even decided to hold off on ballet lessons until she is doing better – and she knows it. She really wants to take ballet … so we will see if it helps her learn to behave and listen.

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