And baby makes three …. again


Jasper, baby boy, and Petra in the nursery

Last week we added another addition to our family – a foster son. Baby boy is 7 months old and is perfectly healthy, developmentally on target, and ready for action with the big kiddos. Petra is very happy about her new role as big sister to two. She makes time to play with him, doesn’t get upset if he gets in the way, wants to feed and care for him, and more. Big brother Jasper is taking a little more warming up. He is doing fine. This morning he brought baby boy a toy to play with – one of his cars. But sometimes pushes baby out of the way. The first few days were a little rough for Jasper, he suggested we take him back. But once I explained that he could play ball when he was bigger, everything was A OK.

Its been 4 months since we had 3 children in the house – and the last third child, Destiny, was a teen – so its very different. But baby boy is a very easy child. He likes to play, eat and sleep and is not overly fussy or difficult. His worst disliking is the car seat.

Destiny is back home and we miss her. But still get to see her weekly. Last week we got our first opportunity to watch her baby boy Aiden all by ourselves. It was actually a little quieter in the house than I expected with 4 children 3 years old or younger. Aiden is a very, very easy and sweet child.


Petra, Aiden, and baby boy sitting in the playroom/schoolroom.

We haven’t heard any mention of how long baby boy might be with us, but we are expecting it will be quite some time based on previous experiences and our knowledge of the case. So I’m sure you will see more of him to come.


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