Back from Vacation – Part 4

The middle of our trip, in the middle of NC where I grew up, Durham, NC, was stocked with entertainment and activities for the children. This was a very important part of our trip because 1) it included a visit with my oldest sister, and 2) we were able to visit another church, and 3) we visited places that I love that I haven’t been to for years.

First stop was church on Sunday morning. And the preaching was excellent.

Next stop, Duke Gardens. My favorite time to go has always been in the spring to see the hundreds of tulips in bloom, but this place is absolutely remarkable any time of year. It was delightful to walk through this place again. I love the gardens and could have spent hours walking around looking at everything. But since we had a party of about 10 we headed through the main park and over to the fields for a picnic dinner. The children had a blast trying to learn how to roll down a hill from their older cousin.

I tried my best to get some good pictures of them to frame. I tried to get a few photos with pretty flowers in the background.  Children have a mind of their own.

But all in all, I’m very happy with these next two shots.

Thomas and Jasper appeared to work on a synchronized routine.

On the way back to the car we saw two joggers without shirts on. In a heartbeat Jasper wanted to slip his shirt off; I guess this looked like the cool way to get back to the car. It always amazes me how quickly he wants to imitate grown men.

Another full day was spent at the Museum of Life and Science which I haven’t visited since I was about 9 years old. Time changes a lot. And in this case, a whole lot. What once to be a pretty small science museum surprisingly now is an all-day event, taking a full-day if you want to see it all. Our trip to the museum was perfectly priced – free for the family – because we have a annual family pass to our local science museum. And now I can honestly say it is worth it.

We have been to several children’s science museums and we can say this has been the best so far, by a long shot. And definitely worth making a trip for.

I’m not even sure to begin. There were animals, outdoor play areas, a train, indoor exhibits, a dinosaur trail, a butterfly house and so much more.


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