Back from Vacation – Part 5

We made a whirlwind of a trip to western Virginia to visit my sister for a couple days. We arrived the day she was moving in to a new house: there were boxes everywhere. While it probably wasn’t the best time for company; we were able to help her get the moving truck back to the rental shop over an hour away (I completely forgot this is what happens when you live in the middle of nowhere. I always seem to like the idea of living in the country, but when it comes down to it there are a ton of inconveniences – like it takes half a day to return a rental truck. Not to mention the dangers of driving a big rental truck through mountainous terrain.) This may sound blunt, but to be honest, these inconveniences plus the looks we got in McDonalds for our two biracial children, has me pretty much swearing off western Virginia for any possible relocation in the future.

But I am sucker for country life so it was nice to experience a different area for a few days. And I love my sister’s new garden. It was like none I had seen before, with little hills arranged in geometric shapes. Very calming. And the river running swiftly behind her house also added to the restfulness.

About the only trail hiking we did was here, we actually hiked up the side of a small mountain. The trail included about a zillion (or maybe 300) steps.  Jasper stormed up the side, while Petra took her time talking about how much work it was. And on the way down we had to hold tightly to their hands so they wouldn’t slip as it was very steep with loose gravel.









We rarely see our family, so the two days we had with my sister and her three-year-old son was a treasure.

Then off we headed, through the mountains, across Appalachian territory, over a few miles of the blue ridge parkway, to grandmother’s house we go.


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