Back from Vacation – Part 6

Delayed post due to extra children in the home! We had two brothers for four days – a 1 and 5 year old – it made for some busy days!

But now, to our trip. Where were we? Ah, yes …. to grandmother’s house we go.

I love visiting with Tom’s mom and stepdad because it is so relaxing. We just all sit around and talk all day, and well the entire upstairs we have all to ourselves and you just can’t beat that. Plus is is near the mountains, and I just love the rolling hills and countryside – not to mention they have cows practically in their back yard. And I love the country and would take it any day over the beach. Call me crazy, its just how I am.

So we spent a few days in Mocksville, NC and the highlight of our trip was a visit to Walmart. Kidding.

The highlight was really a trip to the Lazy 5 Ranch where we went on a wagon ride and fed llamas, sheep, goats, pigs, water buffalo, camels, and so many other animals. Jasper was all about feeding and petting the animals. Petra was not at all interested – she is way too girly. But by the time we left she did manage to brave feeding a few pigmy goats.

So that was the family highlight. My personal highlight was spending about 5 hours riding on a back of a motorcycle through the Blue Ridge Parkway. The weather was perfect and it was truly a great experience.

Another great perk to the visit was Papa Gerry recently went a little overboard and built a swingset in the backyard. Add a little water to the slide, and a small pool at the bottom – and you have a lot of fun!

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Back from Vacation – Part 7

We made it back from our 3 week travels. And honestly I had planned on blogging…and I spent over an hour on the laptop one night trying to publish a post with photos…and it just wasn’t working. On Wednesday when we drove home it got hotter and hotter the further south we went, what seemed more than normal. It was 56 degrees in Wilmington, NC when we left, and it was 105 degrees in Tallahassee that day! All week our temperature has been sitting right around 100 each day. And evidently this is what we missed while away, and my dead garden proves it.

I have so many photos and stops to share about. We went to 7 different locations (over night stays) over the time we were gone. However the photos from the first part of the trip are on the laptop, so I’m going to post about our trip in the opposite order of where we went. Starting with our last stop first. I hope you are following me here.

Our 7th and last stop was in Wilmington, NC. This was our second time in Wilmington on our trip but it was for a very good reason. My very dear friend, whom has been there for me through thick and thin for over 20 years, came home from South Africa with her children for a little bit. And we just couldn’t head back to Florida without seeing her first. I hadn’t seen her for year so it was great to spend a little bit of time together.

Her son Raymond is 4 and is huge – which you will notice from the photos. I’m expecting him to top at over 6’5″ once he’s fully grown. And her daughter Norah is 18 months old and is absolutely the easiest child in the world – what a sweetheart. We had a great evening together, as well as a morning at the beach.

The last day on our travels was a little sad. We spent the morning at Wrightsville Beach, at lunch at the Trolley Stop, and then packed and settled down for the evening. Our 4am wake up call to head home came early.

Here are some photos from this part of our trip.

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