Jasper’s Allergies

Its been a while since I posted on Jasper’s allergies – actually come to think of it all the posts might be on my old blog Needlepoint Family Planning. His eczema as a baby was horrible and it took us quite a while to figure out it was detergent. You can easily see it if you look to see how red his cheeks were in some of his baby photos. We think he may be growing out of his detergent allergy – I’m not exactly going to test it. But after his hospital stay a few months ago for asthma – we had a pretty good idea that his constant runny nose, and new and continued asthma had something to do with allergies.

After a pretty awful visit to his primary where we had to insist he get allergy tested, and then waiting months to get an appointment, he finally had a skin test this month.

He laid completely still has they did the test, and had to continue remaining still (laying on his belly) for another 20 minutes. Thomas gave him his Iphone to look at and promised him a lollipop at the end – and that sealed the deal. He didn’t cry and didn’t move.

It turns out he is:

1) extremely allergic to dust mites

2) very allergic to cats

3) allergic to cockroaches

4) allergic to trees and pines

5) allergic to dogs

We don’t have carpets, rugs, cloth furniture, or many curtains – so that is good –  leather furniture and wood floors is the way to go. The doctor suggested we take the following steps for the time being. Encase his mattress and pillow with allergenic casings. We ordered them this week for the children’s bedroom. We also have to wash all his sheets, blankets, stuffed animals, etc weekly on the HOT wash cycle (sanitary wash). We also have to keep the dogs out of his room.  Plus there is keeping the house cleaner, vacuuming more often, etc. If this isn’t enough to help stop the asthma, we will have visit whether we need to kick the dogs out of the house.


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