Tot School Activities

DSC_0813We were busy this week with activities. Honestly, tot school has merged into preschool much more than I probably realized. Meaning we have moved to more advanced activities than you would expect to see with a toddler – mainly because the children are getting older. Petra will be 3.5 years this month, and Jasper was 2.5 last month. This may very well be my last or one of my last tot school posts – and I will be moving on to preschool / pre-K posts.

Jasper was busy this week with puzzles, mazes, and tracing in these photos. He is learning to do the Kumon mazes! We can’t figure out if he is left handed or right handed. He did one side of this maze below with his left, and then turned it over and did the next side with his right hand. He breezed through letter identification on the Leap Frog toy. We also worked with picking up objects with tongs and tweezers. The day I took these photos he jumped from one activity to the next and couldn’t seem to get enough. The rest of the week was pretty similar – he still loves his boxes and hates to see me take things out of his boxes. If you notice below, the Kumon worksheets are in page protectors – so that both Petra and Jasper could use them…and any future children we have.


We also made homemade playdough this week. This stuff is so much softer and better than the store bought stuff. I would highly recommend it if you have never made it. I didn’t get too many pictures of the making of it because I was too busy supervising around the stove!


Petra has been working hard at a few topics – counting and recognition of numbers, handwriting, phonics, and reading. Which is definitely more in the preschool category. For some reason her number recognition is just not that good. I have no idea why. So we are working at this. However, she is great at counting. And she knows all the letters, sounds, and understands phonics. She is amazing us daily with her ability to recognize beginning sounds in words, and we are moving towards listening for ending sounds. She is breezing through this Phonics for Kindergarten book. Plus we have been working on

For the first time, we were really able to enjoy these “learn words flat fish!” They were so much fun! We spelled out several sentences – “I see a dog, I see a fish, I see a girl” and read them together. Then I had Petra read them to us and replace the last word with a word I would call out for her to find and add to it. I’ve also been teaching her “at” words – pat, bat, fat, cat … and “an” words – pan, can, fan…. mostly. Along with a few sight words. And some other things here and there. I remember learning phonics myself and I keep thinking I want some of the charts I used when I was young. (I have really fond memories of learning phonics =)

We also found Level 1 reading Bob Books at Sams! This set of 18 beginning reader books we picked up for $10 about two weeks ago. She read the first one twice this week. And while she struggled a little bit, and tried to play dumb a few times, she did great. I know she understood it because I watched her show Jasper how to do – holding his finger and making him point while she helped him sound out the words!

She also loves to cut and paste.She really enjoys her Kumon Cutting and Pasting book (from the Play and Grow series). The pictures are so colorful and fun!  I haven’t been able to find ways to enforce her reading skills, but I just knew that cutting and pasting her sight words would probably be fun for her. So I made up a sheet that had the words that she is learning, as well as pictures. She had to cut them all out and match the words and pictures together and paste them together on another piece of paper. I’m planning on continuing this unless I can find other options. And if I do, I will post them so others can download.

186175Aiden 005178157Aiden 002Aiden 009DSC_0764

It is unfortunately already in the high 90’s here in Tallahassee. It was over 100 degrees according to a sign on the road. So you could say it is hot. We played in the water most days. Jasper wants to get in the pool all the time. Petra likes it – but also is really girly about it. She doesn’t like getting wet, dirty, or touching bugs, or anything of the sort. But dad and I even joined in on the fun.



And here are some my favorite other photos from this week.

Petra making funny faces for the camera. I have no idea how she does that “mean” face – it looks like a creature from star trek the way she is able to fold down her forehead skin.


Jasper is addicted to our Iphones. He LOVES looking at pictures and videos. He could easily spend an hour each day doing this. We are having to restrict phone usage already!


Jasper is also beginning potty training. I kept walking through the room seeing this picture of his diaper and pants laying on the floor and figured I better give it a try. I’ve been too busy at work the last few months and knew it was time. So we are starting. You can be praying. I would appreciate it. He is very weird about it – he is very good at going potty but just likes the easiness of the diapers.


The garden is growing veggies! I have a zuchinni plant that probably 4 ft wide! And the tomoatoes are starting to turn red! YAY! These were from the garden this week…the first of the crop. Petra insisted on cutting up some squash for dinner.


I visited with Destiny this week and her new baby Aiden. If you follow my blog you know she is back home. I’ve been very careful of posting photos of her. But she is and has definitely been part of our family and I want to share her with all of you. I wish I could see her more often. It’s hard to see the children that come into your life for a time… leave.  But she is doing really well, and he is so cute.

Aiden 223Aiden 275-1

And here are the last of the photos from this week. Playing at Lake Ella tonight. The children were wild. It is really wonderful to see how happy they are all the time.




One thought on “Tot School Activities

  1. Love the pictures. I think we will be venturing to start potty training soon too. I will pray for you and you can pray for me. Boys are different, so I’m hoping it goes well.

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