Sine Die–Back to Life

040My crazy weeks wrapped up at work this week with Sine Die at 2am Saturday morning. I’m very thankful for my job, and also very thankful for the 2011 Legislative Session to have come to a close. I think I put in close to 250 overtime hours in the last 3 months – which is not as much as some others have done – but enough to keep me busy. I finally took a nap today – 3 hours and honestly it could have easily been another 2 hours had not the children woke up.

Over the next several weeks I will have time to relax, spend time with my family, catch-up on the housework, and get prepared for prekindergarten with Petra! I can not believe she will be turning 4 years old this fall.

I was very blessed this week to receive a new awesome camera from my dear husband. It was more than I ever expected and it is SO COOL. He bought me a Nikon D7000 and it is really great. It can take 6 shots a second! Which means I can get great photos of the children as they move and run! It came in the mail a little later than expected and I didn’t receive it until Monday night. I hated that I didn’t have the chance to take any photos of the children until today. So during the week I took a couple pictures up at work to try it out. Including the picture above of the capitol. And these two below of the House Office Building and a rose bush outside of the House Office Building.


So how did I spend my first day off after the end of session?

Well, it started with some volunteer work at 8am. This morning we woke up bright and early to set up the Heart Gallery at the fairgrounds for KidsFest. I don’t have nearly the time that I would like to help with the Heart Gallery’s mission of helping find forever homes for children in foster care, but the little help we were able to put in today goes a long way with teamwork. The Junior League in Tallahassee has been an incredible partner for us and is able to help provide us a larger volunteer base. And KidsFest is so much fun for the children. All the vendors are required to have activities for children – so while parents stop and learn about safety, or banking, or adoption, or literacy, or just about anything – the children also stay occupied with arts, crafts, and games.

At the event today the children met Leon a small ambulance who can drive around, wink, spray water, wink, and generally entertain just about anyone. They were a little surprised to see him wake up. They also played with sand, water, jumped in bouncy houses, made crafts, picked up way too many lollipops, received a couple free books, had a piggy bank race, and we picked up some information on a ballet school I have been wanting to look into for Petra. A lot of fun for some volunteer work. But the Heart Gallery was well manned by others while we took the children around to all the fun.


After our naps (which were very much needed) we met our friends the Clark’s at Starbucks for a little impromptu visit. Petra and Jasper love Kacy.


And you may be a little shocked by this, but at 7pm tonight we let the children get in their new small swimming pool. They had a blast. The weather is already in the 90s here most days so it wasn’t too cold. The water was fresh out of the hose though, and the sun was getting low in the sky so it was a little chilly. They had a blast!


What I didn’t do today was any work. No housework, no in-depth cooking or cleaning. And I have to admit: it was nice.

Thomas did snap this photo of me today taking pictures on his Iphone.


One thought on “Sine Die–Back to Life

  1. Sounds like the fun is just beginning. LOL! Love Thomas’ picture. 🙂 Those pictures of the kiddos are adorable. Time does fly by. I can’t believe mine will be 8 and 6. Where does the time go?? Have a great few weeks of family time and relaxation. See you all soon!!

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