Happy Easter!

What an awesome weekend! We feel more than blessed every day from God above, and this weekend it was wonderful to have some focus on what God has done for us.

We had a great time this weekend spending time with close friends. On Easter day, after a really special church service we headed over to the Clark’s house for the afternoon. We cherish their friendships and are so glad that God brought them in our lives. We met in the foster care training class, MAPP, several years ago and it has been a relationship that continues to grown and bless us.

We also were invited to our friend’s daughter’s 1st birthday at Chuck-E-Cheese. In addition, we were invited to an Easter Egg Hunt at the Governor’s Mansion. Petra was very interested in this event and even asked to go meet the Governor. I’m not sure if she was expecting a man.

This week baby Aiden was born! It was awesome to be present for his birth. And while we miss our oldest girl (now that she has gone back home with her parents) it is great to continue to be in her life. We wish both her and her son the best. Please keep them in your prayers.

Here are some pictures. I hope you enjoy.

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