Music with our preschoolers

Petra loves to sing. So much that she sings conversations sometimes. Last week, I tried to take it a littler further and get her and Jasper to sing everything we said to each other for about half and hour. They didn’t quite grasp the concept.

But regardless, Petra sings a lot. She sang to me tonight about how she had on a shoe and wanted me to look at it. That is just what she does. She is also asking for violin lessons – which I am of course ecstatic about. And she asked for this all on her own. She asked if she would have a coach that would teach her, like at gymnastics. We’ve checked out the classes in town, and found one teacher willing to possibly teach her using the Suzuki method beginning this fall! And in case you are wondering, it was THIS ONLINE VIDEO of Sirena Huang playing violin that inspired our 3-year-old’s request to start taking violin lessons. This video is amazing.

It seems like everywhere I turn I hear about the benefits of music with young children. I was reading last month about how exposing your child to music, especially to singing and body movements is said to be very beneficial to their overall learning and IQ. I checked music classes in town and there are Kindermusik classes and other creative music classes to help stimulate your child. But since I play piano I have never thought it was a wise use of money. In fact, I try to regularly play and sing with the children. I have a couple children’s song books that we use. And I keep asking Petra if she wants to learn piano – and she doesn’t yet.

But I realized last month, that our church was also providing valuable lessons to my child in regards to music. Here is video clip of Petra singing with some of the other children. For any newcomers to the blog, look for the little girl with the brown dress and bright orange flower in her hair. She is the second youngest in this group. And you can just tell she really enjoys it. (And of course, I just uploaded the video and now its 10 times blurrier than it was on the computer before I uploaded it…argh…so you will just have to take my word for it.)


One thought on “Music with our preschoolers

  1. You should check out Kinderbach. I will be doing a review post soon on it, but it’s kinda cool and awesome. And it’s specially created for our age group of children. 🙂

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