Our Schoolroom for Tot School

Our schoolroom isn’t much yet. It certainly isn’t organized the way I want it. I need more bookcase storage. I would love to have the children’s books organized by topic. I would love to have room for all the workbooks, papers, CDs, etc. But the children are only two and three years old so I have time to get things improved for the more serious years of study ahead.

What I like about the playroom/schoolroom is that its the dining room of our house. It is right to the side of the kitchen (which is where I spend most of my time when I am home) so I can easily supervise the children while they are in it. More and more though the children are going to their room to play – which is just awesome. On the downside, our extra large table is crammed in our oblong living room.

This month I had the rare opportunity to straighten things up a little bit. So I took some pictures so you could see. This little area holds supplies, including papers, scissors, glue, crayons, tape, puzzles, workbooks, etc.  This area holds their workbox drawers as well as their small table. And it serves as the storage room for their amazing strider bikes.

These two shelves hold the majority of stuff – arts and crafts, puzzles, pom poms, magnifying glasses, games, trays, etc.

I have the children’s workbooks crammed on this shelf (as well as a bunch of foster care paperwork on the children).

And another picture of the room. You will notice hear the large wall of artwork. I change it out about monthly.

And here are some of my favorite additions to our tot school supplies. These are Kumon dry-erase cards.

The children’s tot school is trucking along smoothly. They still work on their workboxes each day. I almost always fill up each of the 6 drawers daily with activites – mazes, letters, dry-erase work, puzzles, games, learning toys. I found out the nanny is actually seperating the children during this time – so one child goes to the bedroom to play while the other does the boxes. Otherwise she said their attention is alwasy focused on their sibling. In a way this is nice because the children get to focus more on the skills they are learning, on the other hand I want them to be able to work at the same time.

For more information on tot school, check out 1+1+1=1 here.


One thought on “Our Schoolroom for Tot School

  1. Working at the same time takes practice and is a dance of sorts. I’m planning on getting “dividers” for our table so the girls won’t always be looking at what the other is doing. Since they are in separate areas it’s distracting for Ari to see what Audrie’s doing because she thinks it more “fun and games” and not work.

    Love your ‘schoolroom’ . Praying we find that in a home sometime.

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