Tot School – I love our workboxes

Petra is 37 months, Jasper is 27 months

Ever since the introduction of workboxes, tot school is going great. These things have made the biggest difference in helping me ensure I have set activities for the children, in helping us stay on task, and to boot the children love that they have them. Honestly, I’m feeling very, very good about the workbox system and would swear they have made a 100% improvement in our tot school activities.

Jasper this morning asked to do his boxes. And this is a normal occurrence. Neither of the children can wait to do one box, especially to get to the next box. The boxes also help me communicate with the nanny what I think the children should be doing daily. I know that if Petra and Jasper complete their boxes when I’m away, then the goals I had set for my children are being accomplished even if I’m not home. The boxes have also helped me identify the children’s strengths and weaknesses in certain skill sets. It also helps me learn which activities interest them the most.

Jasper for instance is doing great at puzzles. My sister was visiting over the holidays and commented about how great he does with the puzzles. Now, don’t get me wrong, he has a long way to go – but for 27 months he is doing really well. Petra also has her strengths. Her handwriting and pencil holding is fabulous. She is working quickly through her next book of mazes. She has completed about half of her new Kumon maze book.

I have had a time with our camera lately. The computer stopped reading the media card – I think it’s the card’s fault though. So, I really don’t have that many pictures to share – which is a shame because I have taken quite a few over the last few weeks. Generally, the children are each doing 6 activities a day, five days a week – or 30 activities each week. They are working on: puzzles, tracing, block building, playdough, coloring, painting, cutting and pasting, stringing beads, picking up pom poms with tweezers, lacing cards, counting, reading, and so much more.

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For more information on tot school, check out 1+1+1=1 here.


3 thoughts on “Tot School – I love our workboxes

  1. I am missing you too. We need to remedy that. How about we meet somewhere in the middle. 🙂 Glad your kiddos are enjoying their workboxes. I still haven’t gotten a place for mine or my house straightened up for that matter. I’ve had a HORRIBLE migraine today, but that’s because of the low-carb and no Coke Zero yet today. Loved the pictures.

    1. I LOVE the Kumon books. They are arranged perfectly to help little children gradually develop and build their skills.
      The wall hanging is our Jesse Tree, so it only comes out around Christmas. I made it from flannel fabrics. I’m still in the process of making all the ornaments (also in flannel) – and they just stick on.

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