Brilliant Kale

I recently bought some gorgeous, green kale from our new Earth Fare in town. So I thought I might share with all of you my favorite ways to eat it.

1. Add some to a berry smoothie – the children have no idea they just gulped some healthy greens.

2. Make kale chips. These are addictive to myself and some of the neighborhood children. Very simple to make. Tear leaves off stems, coat with olive oil. You can also add lemon juice for tangy chips. Or garlic and Parmesan cheese, or other spices. Bake on a cookie sheet at 350 until crispy.

3. Make a kale salad. Tear leaves off stems. Sprinkle salt on top and massage with hands. Set it aside while you cut up other salad veggies. Coat kale either with an avocado, or half apple cider vinegar and half olive oil.


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