Update on Everything You’ve Missed

This is my attempt to post an update on everything you have missed…or you could rephrase it to mean everything I have failed to post. However, since that is more than I can remember in one sitting this post will largely be photos.

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Jasper is doing outstanding on his bike. We have to run to keep up with him. Dad took him out to the park and he was able to ride on the small radio control car course – perfect size hills for a small toddler. The next time out to the park he was willing to try the official BMX course and he did fantastic. Petra was also willing to try it – but I had to hold her jacket while she went down each hill – she still needs to work on balance and gliding – but she is doing great as well. Jasper has had his bike about 2 months longer than Petra and it shows – plus he’s more of a daredevil which helps. When she turned three her princess gene sequence turned on.

This is the first day at the radio-control course.

Then this was this weekend when we went back and he was on the big BMX course.

It’s important that you watch where you are going when you ride on this course.

I also have a small video of Petra uploaded if you are interested in it – it can be difficult to hear with a lot going on in the background. We went to a foster care Christmas party and Santa was there. At first, she was terrified of Santa and didn’t want to have anything to do with him. Near the end of the evening, Petra was missing from our small circle of friends and family. We found her on Santa’s lap. Santa’s helper said that she had brought each gift over to him to show him what she had received. After that she proceeded to sit with him and carry on some extensive conversations. My favorite part is where she tells Santa she can’t eat a bowl full of jelly because it will make her sick.

And here is one more fabulous video of the children singing Away in the Manger during the Christmas Eve service at church.

I will be posting Christmas photos in another post.


One thought on “Update on Everything You’ve Missed

  1. WOW!!! Petra and Jasper are getting so big! Holy cow! I wish I were there to shower them with hugs and kisses. Love you and miss you!

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