Tot School

Petra and Jasper, 35 months and 25 months respectively, sitting outside in the morning to wave me goodbye as I head off to work

 It’s been another busy week in our home, filled with tot activities, high school football, gymnastics, school, work, friends, play dates, timeouts, visitations, doctor visits, Crossfit and putting together some shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. As I’m writing this, I’m realizing I’m probably too tired to tackle this post. To make matters worse, I have no great photos for this week. I’ve been using my Iphone for photos for the last month, and honestly, I need to take out the real camera to get some better shots.

As far as tot activities go, I saw some neat advances with the children this week.

PUZZLES – Petra is much, much better with puzzles. She completed the last half of this fire truck puzzle together by herself. I had to give her clues, but my clues were only words, I didn’t actually touch the pieces. I was amazed she did so well. It seems like it just happened overnight.

BIKE RIDING – Jasper improved a lot on his strider bike. He is now picking up his feet and gliding for several seconds at a time – balancing on his bike and turning without problems – with his feet off the ground.

BALLOON BATTING – I blew up some balloons one day for a very simple motor skill exercise. They tossed them up in the air and volleyed them back up with their hands. It doesn’t take much to impress me – I was thrilled to see Jasper keeping it up in the air for 4-5 hits at a time.

OHTER ACTIVITES – included more Kumon mazes, painting, building with blocks, and lots of bike riding for Jasper. Petra hasn’t shown much interest in Jasper’s bike, but the seat is way too low for her. Her birthday is this week and she will be getting one of her own – in her favorite color: pink — so it will be interesting to see how much she enjoys it.

SHOEBOX PACKING – We also packed 10 boxes this year for Operation Christmas Child. I was hoping to get the children’s help packing shoeboxes but concluded they are still too young. Jasper was best at unpacking them. If they were accessible, meaning not behind locked doors, he was taking toys out of them.

GYMNASTICS – The children have been enjoying gymnastics. We have been focusing on helping them learn to listen and follow directions! No small feat for any child, but especially for these two little ones. Petra’s skill level is improving. She just started this past September in a 2 and3 year old class (without mommy or daddy) and is now moving up a level to the 3 and 4 year old class. I’m hoping this will also help her listen and obey. She does better around older children who are setting a good example for her. Jasper is also moving up from the mommy and me class (which should really be called the daddy and me class for us) to the 2 and 3 year old class without parents! And they are both starting to go 2 times a week!

And don’t forget to head on over to 1+1+1=1 and check-in on the rest of the mommies that are tot school blogging.


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