Tot School

Eating corn dogs at the fair!

(Jasper is 25 months; Petra is 35 months)

I saw the following comment from Carisa at 1+1+1=1 and laughed because it describes me so well these days. She said “So, not only is this post up WAY late, but I have been really off of my Tot School Momma game lately.  Especially in the photo department. But as we all know-tots are learning whether I am super intentional about it or not and certainly even if I don’t take photos!  ha ha!”

And that is how my days continue. Luckily, my children are always learning. Even if I don’t have perfectly coordinated activities for them to do each day or photographs of what took place.

We are continuing with lots of simple activities.

Petra continued working on her mazes this week. She has successfully completed the first 14 pages of her Kumon book – which includes 28 mazes. They are beginning to get more complicated … and most times she can do them perfectly on the first try. I realized she is holding the pen up high so that she can see the maze better; when she holds it normal her hand blocks the picture and she has to draw blindly.

We also did simple things like playing with play dough, puzzles, and this flarp.

Grandma bought the children some Eboo Read To Me Puzzle Pairs. Petra has really enjoyed these. The first time we used them I put out about 6 pairs at once – placing the words on one side of the table and the pictures on the other side. I read the words to her and she had to find the matching picture. Some of them were super easy. For instance it would say “the banana is yellow” and she had to find the picture of the banana to go with it. Others were difficult. One pair said “these turn colors in the autumn” and she was suppose to find the leaves. She didn’t get this one. In fact she missed maybe two out of the entire box of pairs.

The weather is finally pleasant outside. Most days the high is around 78-81 degrees. So we’ve been outside more riding bikes and walking. In the last two weeks we have also been to our church’s fall festival and also to the North Florida Fair. I’ll try to post photos of this soon!

One day I took Petra and Jasper outside to find some roly-polys – also known as pill bugs. We made a nice pill bug palace which consisted of a plastic container holding dirt, decaying leaves, bark, rocks and other items, and then went on a hunt for some small roly-polys that could use a good home. We never found any! I couldn’t believe it. The directions I had even said the fall was a good time to find them. I uncovered so many rocks, and dug around and still nothing. Finally I recruited dad into the hunt – and we still came up empty handed. The only bugs we saw were ants, millipedes, grubs, and this earthworm. Jasper was thrilled to hold it; and of course Petra wouldn’t touch it.

Other simple things we have done include: playing with Connect Four peices – I encourage the children to drop them in the contraption – and have tried to get them to learn to put all red in one slot and all black in another. Petra can handle this without a problem – Jasper doesn’t quite grasp the concept yet – or maybe doesn’t care.

And Petra did more math counting and matching. Yes, that her in her PJs….first thing in the morning is when I have the most focused time to do tot activities.

Also, if any of you feel like giving helpful advice – I’d like some suggestions on how to cover/paint the children’s red table. We NEVER intended to get this color. It was an accident. We thought we picked out the white table from Ikea. But I am so TIRED of it and the awful color it brings to the photos. Any suggestions??

And don’t forget to head on over to 1+1+1=1 and check-in on the rest of the mommies that are tot school blogging


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