Sweet & Salty Breakfast … Introducing Veggies in the Morning

My husband LOVES eggs and bacon for breakfast. He never tires of it. But the rest of the family could use a change now and then. In fact, Jasper has gotten to the point where all he wants for breakfast is fruit, which I am fine with. It is a perfect raw breakfast and healthy. But sometimes I wish he had more sustenance.

This morning I was craving oven baked broccoli, a recipe I found at Elana’s Pantry. We had it a few nights ago and I gobbled it up then. So I decided to make a large bowlful this morning thinking that I would bring it to work for lunch. Alas, there is none left to bring to work.

A lot of folks that eat raw, like to have green salads for breakfast. We often drink green smoothies, but I don’t usually serve up veggies at breakfast.

Completely unplanned I decided to go ahead and give the children some with their breakfast. It was a hit with Jasper. He had strawberries, red grapes, and baked broccoli for breakfast. And honestly it was a good mix. I cooked the broccoli longer than the recipe called for – until it was dark and CRUNCHY.  It had a salty and tangy flavor…kindof like salt and vinegar chips. And then the fruit brought a nice juicy sweetness to the mixture.

Jasper gobbled up about 10-15 small pieces of broccoli this morning. Petra already had oatmeal and fruit, so she only ate a few pieces of broccoli.

Overall, I would give this breakfast an A in customer satisfaction. It was the best breakfast I have seen Jasper eat in weeks. But not something I would recommend for every day.

But with that said, I’m honestly looking forward to having it again in a few days. If you aren’t willing to dig into the little trees for breakfast, then consider it for a snack. This would make a great snack for young children.


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