Logistics of our Home

Thanks to all of you who have stuck with me through the past few weeks and very few posts. We have had quite a busy few weeks. Two vacations/getaways out-of-state, a brand new 15-year-old daughter, two birthdays, transitions at work and more work, and appointments out the wazoo. My blog wasn’t the only thing to suffer; my legs and waist were also getting a little more rounder than I cared for as I never had the chance to get to the gym either.

The reason for my absence is that our life has been a scheduling/logistic nightmare. Maybe “nightmare” is too strong of a word to use, but it has made life more arduous. Our new daughter is doing outstanding. She is an amazing young lady and we have really enjoyed having her join our family. She is in foster care and will be with us an extended amount of time…no one knows for sure how long…but it could easily be a year or up to three years. To keep her transition as minimal as possible we left her in the school she was already attending, instead of switching her to our school district. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the school from our house, which isn’t that big of a deal (because work is halfway there!). HOWEVER, school starts at 7:30 am and gets out at 1:50 pm. And if you ask me, THESE ARE CRAZY HOURS for any student. We have to leave the house every morning in the dark at 7am; and I can assure you that I’ve heard more than once that she wished she didn’t have math at 7:30 every morning.

This schedule alone through a kink in everthing in our home. All the sudden I couldn’t go to the gym in the mornings from 6-7am. Which meant I had to start squeezing in workouts during lunch, which means I can’t really leave right after lunch to pick her up from school, which means I have to stay later at work in the afternoon, which means we need our nanny longer each day, which means I see my other two children less, which means I have less time to prepare dinner each day, which means I have to depend on my husband more for EVERYTHING (he is really pulling us through and is doing so JOYFULLY)…and so the chain reaction continues.

We started a “new schedule” this week and it has helped everything flow a little better. But we still have to juggle all the afternoon appointments, special meetings, court hearings and everything else that goes along with having a new foster child. And on top of that, all the normal teen activities.

But the point of this post is really to say the logistics of our home are starting to fall in place once again. I hope only for improvement over the next few weeks, which means I should be free to post again more often!

Talk to you SOON!


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