Trip to Connecticut and Boston, MA

Our last trip of the year is over! And it was a lot of fun. All three children took their first airplane ride – final destination was Hartford, CT for a wedding. They enjoyed the plane – but Jasper had a hard time staying still. We spent 4 extra days gallivanting around the state and also made our way up to Boston. It was a great vacation, but I’m so thankful that we don’t have any more travel plans this year. Connecticut was absolutely gorgeous. The trees were in the middle of changing colors, and the large, rolling hills were awesome. It was a beautiful state. On the other hand, McDonalds was about $2 per meal more expensive – and so were other places. However seafood was reasonably priced and more delicious than anything in Florida – so that was sweet! I was really glad the food was good – I hate going on vacations where there is only bad, expensive food. To the extent that we have considered planning on future trips around ensuring good food. (I’m funny that way, but on our honeymoon in Tortola the food was about $20 a plate at the cheapest and completely GROSS, and we had to pay over $50 a plate for anything that tasted good– this had an long-lasting effect on me)

On our trip we made several tourist stops, including:
1) visiting Mystic Seaport in Connecticut where we walked around a recreated 1800’s fishing village, heard a lecture on whaling and saw the tiny boat that used to be used for it, toured other old buildings, took a horse and buggy ride, spent 30 minutes in a planetarium learning how to locate navigating stars (amazingly Petra stayed quiet; Jasper took a nap), played on smaller boats and in the absolutely most perfect playroom made especially for young children.
2) eating an amazing dinner at a restaurant on the water, the meal included very sweet LOBSTER!
3) riding on an old steam engine train and taking a tour-guided river boat on the Connecticut River. The train took us to the boat, then after the boat ride we rode the train once again back to the train station. It was a cold day – we sat in the parlor car and drank hot chocolate!
4) visiting Boston and seeing the Boston Harbor, the location of the Boston Massacre, and briefly viewing other historic buildings. We also ate some fabulous ice cream and the little children took their first carousel ride.
5) visiting the CT state capitol and several playgrounds and parks in between.

We had a lot of fun, but the children demonstrated some of their worst behavior. And it made us realize we need to do more parenting and instructing. So high on the agenda these days is building Godly character. We’ve focused more time this week on learning to be polite and considerate of others, as well as obedience.

Here is a slide show of our trip. Hope you enjoy!

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One thought on “Trip to Connecticut and Boston, MA

  1. Sounds like you had an amazing time. We’ve been having some character issues too so I began character training. We focus on a character for at least one week (most have been 2). I use the curriculum from Hubburd’s Cupboard which is FREE (always a good thing). Love the pictures.

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