We celebrated Jasper’s 2nd birthday last week! He is doing outstanding.

I’ve been slow getting this post up because 1) we have a new daughter so the addition has been keeping me hopping, and 2) we are currently on vacation in Connecticut for a wedding this weekend. 

Jasper’s birthday was a LOT of fun! He was so excited over each and every gift to the point that we had to set presents aside and give them to him later, so in the end he opened presents over a three day period.  We definitely overdid it; but we also really enjoyed it. For his birthday he got a new Strider bike and helmet, matchbox cars, more cars, cars books, rainboots, and a firetruck – some from us, some from the nanny, and some from grandparents.

He is loving his new bike. It is so neat to see how children can use these. And at one point, he had all his new cars in a gift bag hanging on his bike, and was riding his bike, with his new boots on, while he was pulling his new firetruck. Here are some photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall he is doing great. His motor skills are still outstanding. He can jump several inches off the ground, run and kick a ball, will jump in the pool and kick up to the top of the water, walk on a big balance beam by himself, stand on one foot, do handstands with his feet against the wall, can steer toys and bikes, and probably more that I can’t think of off the top of my head.

His verbal skills are getting better. He can say two words together now on a regular basis, like “watch me,” “ride bike,” etc. He is saying new words every day and will try to copy words that you ask him to say. He is doing so much better with talking which I’m really happy about.

And the most unexpectant surprise is that he went potty #2 two days before he turned two! I was very happy about this seeing as I wasn’t planning on even trying to potty train him for many more months. Over the last week he has continued to use the potty about 5 more times! I’m not pressuing anything, just asking he if wants to go.

And in case you are interested, here is a video of children riding some Strider bikes. There are no pedals on these bikes, instead children use their own feet and learn to balance on a bike without training wheels.


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