I’ve been away for a few days … completely unplanned. We spent a long weekend in Columbia, SC so that my dear husband could participate in the 2010 Marine Mud Run. But that wasn’t enough. We had to make a huge weekend of it. So while we were there we also visited Edventure, a children’s museum, and the zoo. And since we were only 2 hours away from grandparents (which are usually a 9 hour drive away) we decided to head up a day early to spend a day with Thomas’ mom and stepdad.

We had a GREAT time. It was an amazing trip for all of us. I had hoped to post while we were away and didn’t have a chance.  I’ll be posting photos for days it seems like. But this is going to be a very quick post on our trip to visit the grandparents. Our first stop was Grandma Grotberg and Papa Gerry’s house. We had a great time there and it is a perfect retreat for us. They are lucky enough to have a farm right next door. So we were able to see cows while eating breakfast. And then later we went for a walk and visited with some of the other animals that came up to the fence. Later in the day when Papa Gerry took them for a long, long ride on the riding lawn mower, the neighbors were outside and invited them inside the barns for a closer look at the goats, chickens and other animals. I was not there for that part so we have no photos. But here are some photos from our walk along the road.

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