Our First Tot Book

Jasper’s first word was car. At almost two  years old, he is just starting to put two words together. So, now we hear “race car.” But often he asks to watch the movie Cars – he looovees this movie. So for our transportation theme a week or so ago, I made this tot book for  Jasper. This is our first tot book – a mini version  of a lap book. And it features cars of course.

I love the idea of lap books so this was something I have been wanting to try. However, I’ve largely held up on doing them yet because the children are so young. Ideally, I figure they should be making them, not me. But since Jasper LOVES cars with all his heart, I thought I would give this cars tot book a try.

To make it I used printables from 1+1+1 available HERE. They are completely free. After printing them, you just have to laminate, cut and paste everything together. It is super easy and takes a few minutes.

He has played with it some. But honestly not that much. I’m hoping he will get some more use out of it, otherwise I am definitley going to hold off making any more tot books into the children are older.

Here is what it looks like:


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