Birthday Celebrations and Ruffles

(this photo was taken approximately 12 hours AFTER make-up application or any hair brushing – now I’m wishing I’d taken the time to fix up)

Yesterday marked my 34th birthday. It was a good day. I am blessed in so many ways already, but yesterday definitely topped the cake in blessings. The weather was fabulous; I felt great; and I had so many people wish me well — I felt truly loved.

We celebrated. Thomas took me out to lunch. It was nice to have a meal without two toddlers to disturb us. We usually take the children everywhere with us. I think we have been out on maybe 6 dates since Petra was born almost 3 years ago. Then for dinner he brought home a cake! I was very surprised. The story is pretty funny, but I can’t really tell it in a blog very well. But the bottom line is he ordered it from a small Italian restaurant in town – and asked them to make one without flour, sugar or dairy! HAH! So they compromised and used as little as flour as possible, no icing, and substituted olive oil for butter when possible. The resulting almond cake was absolutely delicious! We all really loved it. (although Jasper vomited it all up just a few minutes after eating it – I’m guessing it was due to the fact he never eats these foods because he wasn’t sick) Here is a picture of the children putting candles on the cake – if you look closely you can see Jasper was really shoving them down in it.

At lunch, Thomas surprised me with a fabulous birthday present. A ruffler for my sewing machine! It was just what I wanted. I can not stand taking the time to gather ruffles by hand, and the ruffler makes it SO EASY. So of course I had to try it out. First I tried it out to see how much fabric it used on each setting. I set it to make a ruffle with every stitch and the fabric shrunk from 40″ to a 10″ ruffle! Much smaller than I expected. But it made a perfect mini skirt for Petra’s doll.

Then I got to work and made….

THIS 2 layered skirt:

THIS 3 Tiered Skirt:

And some more camera strap covers – notice one has a ruffle down the middle – which I did actually gather by hand.

And the only problem now is that I really don’t want to stop sewing!


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