Camera Bag and Straps – Sewing Projects

I love to sew!  I find it so therapeutic. A few days ago I finished making a camera bag, padded drawstring bags for camera lenses, and camera strap covers. This wasn’t the easiest project in the world because I couldn’t find a pattern I liked and ended up having to create one myself. So here is how I spent my weekend. As I’ve already had requests for more, these will be going on sale very soon. More news on that to come. In the meantime here are some photos I took here in the house (with poor lighting).

Here is the front of the camera bag. It’s made a lot like a messenger bag, but it sturdier, and can sit up on its own.

This is the inside of the bag-with adjustable sections.

And here is the large padded drawstring bag for a large camera lens and a closeup of a camera strap cover.


2 thoughts on “Camera Bag and Straps – Sewing Projects

  1. Wow Sheri!!! I’m really impressed! I love that bag as well as the fabrics you chose. I think I could get you some orders 🙂

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