Raw Wednesday – Breakfast Ideas

Eating raw at breakfast is easy and simple. In following up on this post on raw snack ideas, I wanted to provide a few ideas to reader on raw foods that make great breakfast choices – especially for children. If you aren’t ready to go 100% raw – then just add one of these items to breakfast. We still serve up a protein source to our children in addition to a couple raw dishes, so don’t see this as something you need todo as an all or nothing effort.

A few weeks back my dear friend sent me the following question:

“I would love advice on how to incorporate more raw foods into my three year old son’s diet. I think I prepare healthy meals for my family but snacks are hard. I’m worried about sugar and bad carbs. Buying a juicer is out of the question right now, so what are some quick and easy things I can do (w/o using a juicer) to ensure he eats more raw foods? I think he is also getting bored with the same cut up veggies. Oh, and I have a food processor and standard blender .”

First, I’d like to point out that you shouldn’t keep any preconceived notions about only having traditional “breakfast foods” at breakfast times. There are many raw foodies out there who eat green kale salads for breakfast. There are others who try to eat all their fruits in the morning and not consume any in the afternoon. The point is to find what works best for you and your family. Your body will help you know what is craving. You need to be satisfied so pay close attention to what you are wanting. You will notice below I’m not serving up a bunch of raw veggies for breakfast.

There are some ideas online, but here are some options I tend to stick with.

Fruit Salad – The absolute kid-friendliest dish ever. I have never seen children turn down a fruit salad. My children scarf it down like wild banchees. Usually I stick to about 3 fruits – This summer I have I loved the combination of  grapes, blueberries and strawberries mixed. But I use whatever we have on hand, and sometimes its just diced cantaloupe. If we give the children a fruit salad first, we barely can get them to eat anything else.

Smoothies – Fruit and green smoothies are perfect morning addition to any breakfast. Lately, I’ve made some great ones with a base of grapes, blueberries, spinach and water. Just blend and serve.

To thicken a smoothie – add flax seed, chia seeds, or soaked cashews

For extra nutrition – add maca, spirulina, aloe or other superfoods

Choosing Raw – Chia Chai Pudding – I’m in absolute love with chia puddings. They make the perfect breakfast dishes and desserts – depending on the ingredients you add. This Chia Chai Pudding looks delectable. And I love the pudding texture! So far I’ve made a simple chia pudding – just chia seeds soaked in coconut milk overnight. With added blueberris and bananas.  But something like this recipe looks much, much tastier. I will be making it very soon! And this is super easy in that you don’t need any fancy equipment. And chia seeds are great sources

Raw Applesauce – There is absolutely no need to cook or steam raw apples if you have a heavy duty blender or food processor. I tried this out in our new Blendtec and it worked perfectly. A couple raw apples, just a tad of water, and the result is a perfect applesauce. No spices or sweeteners were necessary, although some cinnamon could have made a nice addition.

Carrot Juice – I know all my readers know I love carrot juice. I don’t know what it is about it. But give me 16 oz in a glass and I’m good to go. I wouldn’t recommend this as a solo breakfast dish for your children though. (Juicer required)

Raw Crackers with Raw Almond Butter – These require some fancier equipment, but  homemade raw crackers are simple and delicious. You can whip up a batch with an inexpensive food dehydtrator. And they really give you the crunch and cracker taste you may be missing if you are eating raw.  Petra will eat a ton of raw crackers – they are very child friendly. Raw almond butter can be picked up at the store, or made at home if you have the right equipment – my juicer and blender both are capable of whipping up raw nut butters.

Ani Phyo’s Coconut Breakfast Cakes – This recipe is in one of the books we own, but can also be found online. These are not your normal bready pancakes, but made from ground flax seed, topped with honey and fruit. They are a delicious morning dish. My children both eat this one. And we have had guests try this one and agree that they are tasty. I can’t do these on a regular basis – to me they are OK on occasion.

I found this recipe online that looks very similar to the Coconut Breakfast Cakes mentioned above. I’m going to be trying this out soon. You will need a dehydrator and will probably want to put them in before heading to bed. (I wish I knew where this came from – it was on a chat room post with no authorship to note)

Cinnamon Raisin French Toast
serves 3 or 4
“This turns out really fluffy has that French toast texture only better!”
• 1 cup golden flax seeds, ground
• 1 apple, juiced
• large handful raisins
• a lot of cinnamon (maybe 2 Tbsp.)
• ½ teaspoon nutmeg
• sprinkle cloves
• agave drizzled on top

Grind flax seeds in a coffee grinder to get a flour like consistency. Mix everything but the agave nectar and dehydrate for about 6 hours. Sprinkle with a bit more cinnamon on top and drizzle with agave. Simple and satisfying for brunch or dessert. Pair it with some fresh O.J. or some fresh fruit.


2 thoughts on “Raw Wednesday – Breakfast Ideas

  1. Your husband wants to mention his standard disclaimer about raw “alternatives” that have the names of foods they represent… it’s best avoided. Many raw substitutes are just as good, most of them are good if not because they taste like their namesake, but because they are just good in their own right. I think most of the recipes Sherri pulls together are good and I don’t need them to be substitutes for anything.

    Raw foods have the flavor that food has naturally. The whole point of going raw(er) is turning away from processed chemicals and sweeteners that dull the senses and fatten the body. A return to healthy, straightforward simple living. We want to seek out the real flavor, not the replacement!

    If you are just looking for good, honest flavor, it’s not hard to find with raw. If you are looking to fool your senses into thinking you’ve got a raw substitute for the “real thing” you are more often than not going to be disappointed.

    So when some raw “chef” has made up a concoction and names it after something they think it tastes like, our senses are immediately drawn to a particular flavor, taste or texture expectation that is usually not met exactly, and is rarely surpassed. My advice, take the recipes and forget the names, or better yet, name recipes after you’ve eaten them and can approximate the flavor on your own.


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