Tot School – Letter R Week

(Petra is 33 months, Jasper is 23 months)

If you would like to learn more about Tot School, GO HERE.

** UPDATE **  I forgot to add when I first posted this that we also learned a new song. I picked up a Lullubies: An Illustrated Songbook from the Goodwill Bookstore here in town and we have really enjoyed going through the songs together. Petra fell in love with “Dance to Your Daddy.” I played it over and over again for her. And now she can sings it all the way through and asks for it.

We had a busy week with activities. And a lot of fun. Our printer is broken at the moment – so I didn’t print off a tracing letter for Petra. Which was my whole point of doing letter R – so we may have to come back to this. But REGARDLESS – we had a lot of fun.

We talked about many R words – RED, RAFT, RUNNING, RESTING, RAINBOW, RIBBONS, RABBITS, and more. And we spelled them out and put them on the chalkboard. We talked about the letters in them.

Dad brought home this book which was a perfect fit. Rough Road – Textured Soft Shapes had pages with a ROUGH ROAD, RIDGY ROAD, ROCKY ROAD, and RIPPLED ROAD.

I cut up some RIBBONS for the children to play with. We talked about the different colors and textures. Then I quizzed them and had them pick out a ribbon based on the question. I asked them questions like find the green ribbon with red polka dots. Find an opaque ribbon. Find a ribbon with ridges, etc.

Then Petra decided the RIBBONS would make a delicious ice cream and put them in a cup for some pretend play.

The next day she put them in a baby bottle and “fed” them to a doll.

We had some RABBIT for dinner one night. Followed by some RED sorbet and a quick READ through a few RECIPES.

I also tried to make a little RAFT for the children to float in the water. I wasn’t very successful, but it made the point. After we collected some sticks, and tied them together, I pulled out an old bucket to try it out in. The children wanted to get in to, so I let them. They had a blast in this bucket.

And we also tested to see if things would float or sink.

And Petra learned to use the water hose to spray others.

And then this butterfly came for a visit.

We RAN several times this week. Here they are RUNNING for the playground. And spending a pleasant morning ROMPING.

And I had no idea Jasper was able to do these by himself now. Mom was impressed.

We also stamped this week. And did some Kumon books.

We had to stop stamping when they wouldn’t stop stamping their arms.

And we went to the city activity pool!

And Petra spent an unordinary amount of time playing with her dolls one day.

I also started Petra on READING lessons using a The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading! The book starts off with 26 lessons on learning the letter sounds. She already knows the letter sounds, but we are going through it as directed.


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